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Key Concept 13

Communication Skills

Connection Communication Digital Network

13.1 Candidates will be able to help students use technology tools to collaborate with others inside and outside the classroom.

ET 605 4 Cs Project
ET 630 Telacollaborative Planner

In ET 605, Introduction to Educational Technology, we explored the 4 Cs for 21st Century Learning - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. My project for this class was a lesson plan for my High School Band class. The students worked collaboratively in small groups to create an original composition in the style of DC GoGo music. They notated their syncopated rhythm patterns using the app Flat, an online collaborative music notation software. By using Flat, the students were able to quantize the rhythm patterns and were able to hear the notated patterns.


In ET 630, Digital Communication for Educators, we explored ways to use digital communication technology in classrooms for collaborative and global learning. Working with four peers from my cohort, we created The Telecollaborative Planner, which is an online globally collaborative project that allows students to share photos with brief explanations of their daily lives and learn about the day-to-day lives of other children their age all over the world. A lesson idea was developed in Global Connections - Music, where students would interact with students in The Gambia via Skype and/or youTube videos to share information about drumming in their countries and the role music, plays in their everyday life. This activity enhanced the learning of the students by using technology that connected them to students from another continent.

Utilizing this technology enabled the students to interact, learn, and share different lifestyles and the role of music in an engaging manner.

13.2 Candidates will understand technological tools for collaboration with colleagues and demonstrate the disposition to use technological tools for collaboration in appropriate ways.

ET 662 Webinar
Google Suite

In ET 662, Technology Leadership and Professional Learning, we explored utilizing online tools for synchronous interaction and best practices for teaching and leading adult learners. Working with three peers from my cohort, we created and held a Webinar on how to create and use Bitmojis in the classroom. We used Google Docs to gather materials, notate job responsibilities and create the script. Google Suite has allowed collaboration with peers while enrolled at Loyola and employed at New Hope Academy. I have provided a small sampling below where collaboration on various projects occurred using Google Docs and Slides. Working with my colleagues at New Hope, I created a  project management spreadsheet on Google Sheets for monitoring progress on our website update. All parties have editing rights on this spreadsheet which is updated by individuals as their tasks are completed. I also created a shared Google Doc for meeting notes for the Social Media and Marketing Team.

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