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Key Concept 14

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills memo written on a note

14.1 Candidates will be able to create a technology vision for a school.

ET 680 Technology Planning Paper

In ET 680, Role of Technology Leader, we explored the role of the technology leader in fostering school change with technology. To move my school forward in innovative teaching and learning with technology, I wrote a Technology Planning Paper. My broad vision for technology and learning in my school involved the capability for a 1:1 program in all of the classrooms. In the paper, I analyze the current situation at my school by using three models of change theories, reviewed the stakeholders, and developed a plan of action. Last year, I initiated the pilot program in my Audio/Video Composition Elective. My plan for a 1:1  program proved relevant and visionary in light of distance learning during COVID 19.

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14.2 Candidates will be able to demonstrate the ability to lead technology initiatives at the school or district level.

ET 691 Technology Proposal

In ET 691, Educational Technology Internship, we explored best practices in creating our Internship at our schools/district. My Internship consisted of training all staff members at my school to teach remotely. Training was included for students and parents for successful experiences in the distance learning platform. Working closely with the principal, I developed a plan to switch instruction from face-to-face to distance learning. Thanks to my PLNs, I was able to anticipate school closing in March 2020 due to COVID. I kept my principal apprised of any new information I had heard or read and was placed in a lead role in implementing this technology innovation. With an extremely successful conversion to distance learning, I was awarded the title and role of Technology Coordinator, to oversee the Technology Department.

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