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Key Concept 12

Models and Theories of Change

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12.1 Candidates will be able to apply models of change to understand the current situation of technology innovation in school.

ET 680 Technology Planning Paper

In ET 680, Role of the Technology Leader, we explored the role of the technology leader in fostering school change with technology. For my technology planning paper, I analyzed my school’s current status with Rogers’ Perceived Attributes, Ely’s Eight Conditions of Change, and the ACOT Model. These models helped me identify the needs of my school and determine how I could help it move forward in innovative teaching and learning with technology. I evaluated each teacher’s use of technology and placed the data in the different levels of the ACOT model.  My broad vision for technology and learning in my school involved the innovation of a 1:1 program in all of the classrooms. I determined my school’s readiness for a 1:1 program using Ely’s Eight Conditions of Change and developed a trial program involving the 1:1 program in my Audio/Video Composition Elective using Rogers’ Perceived Attributes.

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