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Key Concept 11

Multimedia Production

Multimedia content linear sketch on back

11.1 Candidates will be able to create multimedia products that facilitate K-12 instructional and professional learning goals, and implement an instructional design model to facilitate student multimedia production.

ET 620 Digital Story and Multimedia Projects

In ET 620, Multimedia Design in Classroom, we explored the design, development, and evaluation of multimedia projects with an emphasis on digital storytelling and multimedia projects. For my digital story project, I followed the ASSURE instructional design model to create a digital storytelling project for my 3rd grade students that related to concert preparation for the Spring Concert. The second digital story project is a video I created about my grandfather as a tribute to his life and an artifact I could share with my family. Working with three peers from my cohort, we created a multimedia presentation that incorporated interactive elements to meaningfully engage educators in a professional development session.

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