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Key Concept 5

Online Teaching

Online teaching interface against man us

5.1 Candidates will be able to develop an online facilitation plan based on best practices of online learning and teaching that demonstrates their ability to teach in the online environment.

ET 631 Philosophy for Online Teaching and Facilitation Plan

In ET 631, Transformative Online Teaching, we explored theories and best practices for integrating emerging technologies to facilitate online and blended courses. My online facilitation plan consisted of 7 twice weekly online sessions for 8th-12th grade students in my Audio Composition elective. Sessions could be synchronous or asynchronous dependent on teacher discretion. The students learned how to create an original audio composition using GarageBand. The format consisted of face-to-face and online lessons providing a hybrid environment. Course objectives were matched to National Standards and lessons were sequential in nature. Each session was designed to follow the R2D2 model which consists of reading, reviewing, displaying, and doing, Within the sessions, students were viewing documents, videos, participating in discussion forums, Padlets, and collaborating on Google Slides. Best practices for online teaching were considered when designing this course. The teacher set expectations and provided a safe, nurturing learning environment. Feedback on assignments was timely, relevant, and positive, signalling the teacher’s presence. Students were encouraged to collaborate on their projects and use critical thinking skills when creating their melodies and beats.

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