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Key Concept 2

Instructional Design

2.1 Candidates will be able to apply instructional design models (e.g., Understanding by Design or DDD-E) to improve lesson design.

ED 602 Understanding by Design Template

In ED 602, Learner-Centered Principles, we explored different planning and design models to promote a learner-centered approach. The instructional design model of Understanding by Design (UbD) is based on the concept of teaching with the end in mind to improve learning outcomes. I redesigned a lesson on The Blues for my 7th-grade students using the UbD template. Stage I of this backward design approach was to identify the results for the unit of study. Stage II was determining appropriate assessment evidence. Finally, Stage III was developing the learning plan. The culminating activity consisted of students working collaboratively to perform their syncopated rhythm patterns with the accompaniment to a song they performed at their Spring Concert. Using the UbD design helped focus my teaching on the development and deepening of student understanding and transfer of learning.

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