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Key Concept 17

Educational Technology Resources

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17.1 Candidates will be able to locate a variety of technology resources, evaluate them for classroom use, and assist colleagues with this process.

ET 605 Professional Learning Project

In ET 605, Introduction to Educational Technology we were introduced to the SAMR, TPACK, TIM, and LoTI frameworks. For my project, I designed a professional learning activity for teachers introducing the  TPACK framework and Symbaloo, an online bookmark application for storing web links. In the presentation, I laid out the steps for teachers to use TPACK in lesson planning when integrating technology into the classroom to improve student outcomes.

ET 691 Teacher/Student Resources

In ET 691, Educational Technology Internship, we explored best practices in creating our Internship at our schools/district. For my internship at my school, I created a collection of technology resources for student, parent, and teacher use. In  the professional development sessions for the teachers, I created two Google Slide presentations that covered how to use all of the technology resources they would need to teach remotely. These presentations were shared with the staff for review and reference as needed in the future.

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17.2 Candidates will be able to locate funding opportunities to enhance technology resources.

ET 680 Grant Proposal

In ET 680, Role of Technology Leader, we explored how to find potential sources of funding for school technology. My project was a grant proposal based on the 1:1 technology innovation that I described in my technology planning paper for implementation at my school.  The goal was to acquire funding for eleven iPads that would be used by my students in my Audio/Video Composition Elective. After researching potential sources for funding, I decided to submit a grant application to The Mockingbird Foundation.

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